I am a Digital Product & Strategic Designer based in München with 10+ years of practical experience in UX and UI Design. I am passionate about creating products that meet both user needs and business goals. 🚀.
In a product design process I act as a ’’User Advocate’’: delivering real value and great UX to the user is a top priority.
I have a strong focus on user-centered design and making users happy. Since happy users are a key factor in Product, Revenue, and Business growth.


I hold a Bachelor's degree in Media Design ( European Humanities University) and a Master's Degree in Innovation Management, Sustainability, and Entrepreneurship (Technical University of Berlin). Due to my interdisciplinary background, I find myself at the intersection of the business and design worlds. This privilege allows me to create products that are not only usable but also products that help businesses succeed.


In the last 10 years, I have worked on designing a big number of digital products, services, platforms, and applications. Here are some of the companies I have collaborated with:

  • Avira Operations GmbH
  • Sentryc GmbH
  • AtomLeap GmbH
  • The Why Company GmbH
  • Merantix Automotive GmbH
  • Nostos Genomics GmbH
  • Conxai Technologies GmbH
  • Gini GmbH

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