Machine learning data management solution

SiaSearch is a data management tool for visual AI, mainly for the developers in autonomous driving industry. It helps to explore, understand and share visual data at scale.
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Duration: Jan 2020 - Oct 2021


In the world of self-driving cars, there is a lot of information being collected from sensors. However, many car companies can only use a small amount of this data because it's difficult to understand. SiaSearch is a new kind of software that can make sense of all this data by organizing it and giving people the tools they need to access and understand it.

Collaborative Goal

The collaborative goal for this project was to design an intuitive and user-friendly MVP that enables easy access and interaction with the vast amount of self-driving car data collected by sensors. The design should have been implemented effectively and tailored to the users' needs, with continuous feedback being incorporated to improve usability and ensure the software meets their requirements.
Problem Statement
How might we help car companies make sense of their stored sensor data with SiaSearch, saving them from wasted expenses due to insufficient data understanding?

My Role

Throughout the entire product development cycle, I created the UX and UI for the product entirely from the ground up. I made sure to integrate new features into the design while continuously gathering feedback from users and adjusting the design to meet the business objectives.

Main Challenge

SiaSearch is a  B2B product for a highly technical audience. One of the major challenges I faced  while working on SiaSearch was to ensure that the design catered to the needs of the target user. To achieve this, I collaborated closely with the technical team who represented the target users to gain a deeper understanding of the user's perspective. This collaboration enabled me to design successful interactions that align with the user's preferences and needs.

Our Process



In this stage, I conducted a research on the self-driving car industry and the challenges faced by car companies in utilizing sensor data. I also explored existing solutions in the market and identified areas for improvement. This research informed the design strategy and helped me identify user needs, pain points, and goals.



Based on the research insights, I developed the user experience (UX) design for SiaSearch. I created wireframes, user flows, and prototypes to ensure that the design aligned with the user's needs and preferences. I also worked closely with the technical team to ensure that the design integrated seamlessly with the software's technical capabilities.



In the visual design stage, I created the visual elements of SiaSearch, including the color palette, typography, components library and iconography. I ensured that the design was consistent with the brand identity and created a visual hierarchy to prioritize important information. I also conducted usability testing to ensure that the design was intuitive and user-friendly.

50 +
Screens designed
In 2021
SiaSearch was aquired by a San Francisco based company Scale AI

Final MVP